SmallPhotoType of ItemAlternate Type of ItemTitlePriceMovie Posters IDABC
 Italian Large Poster DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER - 55" x 76" tall - Linen back007 Villians - TUTTI CONTRO JAMES BOND Italian large Poster 1971 $2,500.00MP2543 
 U.S.1-sheet 27" x 41" tall - B+condition150,000,000 Years Ago or Today? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "THE LOST WORLD" 1960$300.00MP0043 
 Large Paramount Promotional poster 48" x 62" wide - Rolled on Linen - A-condition it just old 1860 - 1938 See "WELLS FARGO" Paramount's Spectacular Story of the Winning of the West! 1938$650.00MP2724 
 Poster 23 3/4" tall - mint condition rolled been flat since then1880 TOMBSTONE - ARIZONA TERRITORY "The Town Too Tough to Die" 1998$250.00MP3172 
 Original French petite 15" x 21" tall - B+ condition1941 - directed by Steven Spielburg - A Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures 1979.NFSMP0327B
 UK Half-Sheet 20" x 30" tall20,000 LAUGHS UNDER THE SEA - GARY GRANT+TONY CURTIS in "OPERATION PETTICOAT" 1959$225.00MP0352 
 LOOK Magazine - EXCLUSIVE Walt Disney's undersea battle - man against monster, told with pictures for the first time August 10, 195420,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA - LOOK Magazine - EXCLUSIVE Walt Disney's undersea battle - man against monster, told with pictures for the first time August 10, 1954$100.00MP0208 
 Reproduction Disneyworld Ride poster 24" x 36" tall20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA-Reproduction Disneyworld Ride poster $75.00MP0219A
 U.S.1-sheet 27" x 41" tall - B-condition20th Centery-Fox presents "TONIGHT WE SING!" 1953$50.00MP3750 
 U.S.Window card 14" x 22" tall - B condition folded20th Century-Fox " A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA" - 20th Century-Fox 1965$70.00MP0275B
 Mexican 1 sheet 28" x 43" tall - A condition folded been flat for years20th Century-Fox presenta La produccion De : Irwin Allen VIAJE AL FONDO DEL MAR (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) with Walter Pidgeon 1961$200.00MP1929 
 Italian Locandina 13" x 27 3/4" tall - B condition20th Century - Fox presenta PATTON - George C. Scott, Karl Malden 1970$50.00MP0407 
 U.S. Half-sheet/Lobby 22" x 28" tall - B condition20th Century-Fox present Irwin Allen's "VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA" 1961$150.00MP1928 
 Flyer/handbill 8 1/2" x 11" tall - mint condition 20th Century-Fox Presents A Medion Production "FILLMORE" starring SANTANA, THE GRATEFUL DEAD, HOT TUNA, QUICKSILVER, IT"S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, COLD BLOOD, BOZ SCAGGS and BILL GRAHAM his friends... and his Enemies 1972.$40.00MP3919 
 U.S.Window card 14" x 22" tall - A-condition20th Century-Fox presents "BENEATH THE 12-MILE REEF" starring Robert Wagner, Terry Moore, Gilbert Roland - 20th Century-Fox 1953$250.00MP0241B
 US 1-Sheet 27" x 41" tall - A- condition - Folded but been flat for years20th Century-Fox presents DEBORAH KERR - ROBERT in MITCHUM HEAVEN KNOWS, Mr. ALLISON a John Huston film 1957.$150.00MP0366A
Lobby 22x28 20th Century-Fox presents "HEAVEN KNOWS, Mr. ALLISON" with Robert Mitchum & Deborah Kerr in a John Huston film 1957$200.00MP0366B
 U.S.Window card 14" x 22" tall - A-condition20th Century-Fox Presents "IN LIKE FLINT" The new Flint Adventure... starring James Coburn, Lee J. Cobb, Jean Hale, Andrew Duggan - 20th Century-Fox 1967$150.00MP2605 
Lobby 22x28 20th Century-Fox presents John Brabourne's production of SINK THE BISMARCK! - A CinemaScope picture 1960$300.00MP0309C
 US 1-sheet 27" x 41" tall - A condition20th Century-Fox presents John Brabourne's production of SINK THE BISMARCK!... and this is the handful that had to do it! - Directed by Lewis Gilbert - CinemaScope picture 1960$250.00MP0309A

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